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Site Map for American Bikini Shop

  Print Swimwear - The latest collection of print swimwear in our inventory
  Exotic Prints - 6 collections of print swimwear totally dozens of unique prints
  Checker Print - a new racing style design of print swim wear
  For Occasions - New swimwear that will be arriving soon at American Bikini Shop
  Patriotic Swimwear
  Stars and Stripes - A stars and strips patriotic swim wear pattern
  Camouflage - A camouflage pattern swim wear print
  America - A navy blue and silver patriotic print swim wear style after the U.S. Navy
  US Flag - Another stars and stripes patriotic print swim wear but different from USA print
  Rebel Flag - A rebel flag print design of swim wear
  Texas Flag - A texas flag print design of swim wear
  Mexican Flag - A mexican flag print design of swim wear
  Puerto Rican Flag - A Peurto Rican flag print design of swim wear
  Solid Swimwear
  Gold and Silver - A solid metallic design swim wear in silver and gold colors
  Jelly Swimwear - 16 colors of solid color swim wear by Jelly
  Sinema Swimwear - Another manufacturer of solid color swim wear coming very soon
  Teeny Tiny Bikini
  Solid Micro Sets - Solid color micro thong sets which are teeny tiny bikinis
  Patriotic Micro Sets - More teeny tiny bikini sets but in patriotic prints
  Beach and Resort coverups- very popular on Carribean and Pacific Islands. By Peppermint Bay.
  Playwear - A Nylon microfiber coverup, extremely popular
  Tattoo - Another microfiber coverup by N-FINI out of Florida
  Metallics - Another microfiber coverup by N-FINI out of Florida
  Meshes - Solid color mesh coverups that match the Jelly solid color swim wear
  Swimwear Accessories - These are everything you need to accessorize your swimwear
  Super Specials - These are closeouts and discontinued swim wear sold at very inexpensive prices
  Styles & Sizes - What you need to know when ordering your swimwear
  FAQ - Frequently asked Questions. Please read this page before you contact us.
  Privacy Policy - Our privacy policy
  Site Map - This page!